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I'm a former investment banker who's always had a passion for creating and collecting art. I'm now a full-time painter living in NYC, creating tranquil pieces for stressed out people (like my former self) who want to take a deep breath and relax when they come home. I believe art is a an anchor for the ever-running mind. I live with my husband and new baby in a small Hell's Kitchen apartment that also serves as my studio.

Through my yoga and meditation practice and teaching, I try to remember to live in the moment and focus on the full breath to become more mindful and less reactionary. I try to infuse that sense of presence from yoga into my painting. The majority of my paintings are meditative, and I am interested in how each makes the viewer feel rather than having them interpret my meaning.

If you don't find a piece in the collections, I absolutely love love love to paint something that I know will be going to a happy home. Use the Contact Page to chat with me about what stresses you out and how I can help you destress!

Let's create a unique painting for your homey nest ~ contact me with questions or to get started!



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